Education in the HanseBelt, academies, schools

The HanseBelt region offers great possibilities for education, learning and research - top conditions as a place to study and work.


The Universities in Lübeck and Wismar offer distinguished, praxis oriented courses. Also, the medical education at the University of Lübeck is leading the prestigious CHE-ranking on a regular basis while the design graduates from Wismar keep winning prizes for their master theses. Also magnificent: The students and graduates from the University of Music in Lübeck.


Also the HanseBelt members offer apprenticeships and vocational training in important future branches such as medicine technique, food economics and logistics.

Further studies

You have already finished your training or studies? The HanseBelt offers a diversity of praxis oriented training. The offers from the Wirtschaftsakademie Schleswig-Holstein and the Hanse Schule Lübeck are customized exactly for issues in this region.