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„Family-friendly and fair“

Lichtenheldt GmbH in Wahlstedt produces pharmaceuticals and health products. The company also places particular value on ensuring a positive and appreciative working environment – and is considerate of the life situations of its employees. This encourages loyalty and impresses qualified employees, such as new father Marcel Rau.

Mr. Rau, are you originally from Schleswig-Holstein?

No, I was born on Rügen, spent eight years in the Armed Forces in Bad Segeberg and then simply wanted to live somewhere near the coast. Then the overall package of work opportunities and quality of life in this region really impressed me.

Why near the coast?

While I’m not an accomplished water sportsman, I prefer to swim in the sea and love walking along the beach. For me, the water and peace are simply the perfect balance to a demanding job.

What do you do at Lichtenheldt?

As an Information Technology Assistant, I work in the IT department, dealing with databases and digital process optimisation and providing support to users, among other things. For example, we are working on the introduction of a new inventory control system at the moment.

What are your working hours like?

Flexible. We don’t have any fi xed times where all six of the employees in our core team have to be present. Instead, we have variable time frames, in which we can regulate the manning of our team independently. We’ve just had a baby at home, so this has been extremely helpful.

Because you can help your wife out more?

Exactly. The pregnancy had some complications and we spent a lot of time at the doctors. At the time, it was a particular advantage that I could always speak to our department managers and the executive board on a human level.

Do you discuss your working hours with your bosses?

Not just them. In general, we have a very open, honest and direct manner here. For example, every quarter we have a meeting between the executive board and employees, during which we compare notes on the corporate culture.

What do you value the most?

The direct communication on a level playing field and the fair and honest working environment we have.

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