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VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH

„Practiced values as a cornerstone of success“

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, based in the north German town of Stockelsdorf, is a specialist in standard X-ray cabins and customer-specific special installations. As one of the early members of the HanseBelt e.V., VisiConsult is particularly proud to rely on local suppliers and become involved in the expansion of local infrastructure. The values of the Hanseatic league and its honourable merchants form the basis of the corporate culture. Short communication channels, and close cooperation with customers and partners lead to higher flexibility and quality, as well as the seal of “Made in Germany”. All products and facilities are locally manufactured and delivered ready for use. Hajo Schulenburg, MD: “Our aim is one hundred percent customer satisfaction. In this way VisiConsult has been able to establish itself in recent years as a world market leader in its area.”

“In our family business the focus is clearly on the staff”, adds Lennart Schulenburg, Sales & Marketing Manager at VisiConsult. “Because only due to our great team are we in the position to always set the bar a little bit higher in the field of X-ray inspection.” A positive working atmosphere, an ergonomic workstation and a modern management style are a matter of course. Special highlights are the corporate events: Christmas party, summer party, sporting events or trainee meetings enrich everyday life and enable the team to grow stronger together. For physical activities a company climbing space as well as fitness equipment is available for in-house sports activities. In addition, active breaks and operational health days promote the well-being of employees.

Voluntary work is also highly valued at VisiConsult. The company supports its employees and they are released from service when there are emergencies. That is why nowadays fire fighters, lifeguards and other important volunteer roles are found amongst the workforce.

The company is constantly growing and has doubled within the last four years. The outcome: in November 2017 VisiConsult was distinguished by FOCUS Line Extensions GmbH and Statista GmbH as one of the leading 2018 growth champions in mechanical and engineering and construction. In addition to this title the company received the prize of the German-American Chamber of Commerce in 2017 for “Excellence in Digitalization” and “Excellence in Innovation”.

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