About 12 kilometers long is the winding waterway between the landing places Malente-Gremsmühlen, Niederkleveez, Timmdorf and Plön-Fegetasche.


The outdoor area, embedded in the castle grounds, invites you to walk, play and relax under the open sky. A magical place for nature lovers, explorers and connoisseurs.


A nature-oriented adventure within the Lauenburgische Seen nature park - on muscle-powered vehicles.


Experience tropical bats in the exciting and sensational exhibition "Noctalis" in the bizarre stone formations of the Kalkberghöhle Bad Segeberg.


Located on the northern edge of the Segeberger forest, between Bad Bramstedt and Bad Segeberg, the Eekholt Nature Park is embedded in the charming landscape of the Osterau.

The privately run park is one of the most beautiful wild parks in the country. On an area of ​​67 ha you can observe over 700 animals in 100 species.